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Health and Wellness in Prospect Park

ýapp and the , in partnership with have launched Open Air Care Connections which seeks to remove the stigma around mental healthcare through community health outreach, events and educational programs.

According to a Health Department opinion poll, nearly 25% of all New Yorkers reported experiencing anxiety, and nearly 18% reported experiencing depression. Nearly 50% of those who expressed needing mental health support felt that they did not know did not know where to go to get services or how to access them.

Time spent in nature and green spaces like Prospect Park helps reduce stress, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boost cognition, attention, and sleep quality. Green spaces also give communities vital places to gather together, strengthening social ties and lessening isolation. The Alliance and the Health Department will build upon these health benefits to address mental health and engage park-goers to assess their needs and provide direct referrals to find support for emotional health, substance use, physical health, housing, career, education and food-access concerns.

Free Health + Wellness Events in Brooklyn’s Backyard

Did you know that spending just 30 minutes in nature…

Aerial Photo of the Long Meadow in Prospect Park.

Alliance Launches Open Air Care Connections

ýapp and the New York City Department of…

Wellness Quiz

to find areas where you might benefit from extra support. You’ll receive a score and access to resources. Plus, request an appointment to speak with a trusted Community Health Worker.

Community Network Resources

View the NYC Health Department’s list of support resources, continuously updated to address current public health needs.

Tips for Anxiety

Check out NYC Health Department’s top 4 tips to help ease anxiety and learn more about how to find support.

Breathing Exercises for Youth + Families

Try out exercises to help you and your families breathe deeper and feel more at-ease.

Open Air Care Connections Featured in The New York Times

Read about Open Air Care Connections in The New York Times piece An Open-Air Approach to Mental Health Treatment.